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Corporate Objective

To create sustainable competitive advantage through superior operating performance, thereby enabling organizations to achieve operational excellence through the unique combination of concepts, implementation, people and technology in tandem with tried and tested methods.

Since inception, Neugene has helped organisations manage governance, compliance and risk more effectively and more efficiently. Neugene’s founders realised the bureaucracy surrounding compliance was unacceptable, ultimately preventing 'real' work getting done, so decided to take appropriate action by developing software tools to automate routine and low value tasks required in managing Quality Management Systems.

The services provided by Neugene have evolved enormously over the years, with each iteration designed to encourage organisations to do the 'right things, right', and being capable of demonstrating compliance to auditors, customers, regulators and third party organisations as required.

Neugene, not just a software company

It would be easy to label Neugene as a software company, however in reality Neugene is a company that continually works with its customers to maximise what can be achieved with effective management of their compliance system – a remit much wider than a set of products. We view ourselves as an organisation that can help customers set the vision of what can be achieved, and then provide appropriate software tools, techniques and professional services to deliver on the objectives set.

Neugene has grown turnover and profit in each of its operating years. As it has remained privately owned, Neugene is able to re-invest profits, without any external funding pressures, for quick returns. This stability has been a major factor in Neugene’s success. Sustained, rather than explosive, growth has been our mantra.

A strong reputation


At Neugene we have a constant craving to find ways of doing things better – a culture we are proud to have embedded within our fabric and sustained throughout our growth. At the heart of this agitation is our core value:


"The ultimate success of Neugene can only be achieved by ensuring customers continue to see value and benefit from their investment in Neugene's services"

It is no accident that the After-Care range of services available to our customers is the largest grouping in our portfolio.

Neugene has a very large customer-base spread across the world. Most of them have been introduced by word of mouth recommendations from their colleagues in other international facilities who have first-hand experience of working with Neugene.

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