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Advanced Analytics

Go beyond simply understanding what happened.


We can also help you understand what will happen, and how to make it happen to drive positive business outcomes.

Data Analytics  and Business Intelligence

We empower our clients to see into the future and find the keys to business success

The purpose of Advanced Analytics is to unlock the business value that is hidden in your data.  The Data Scientists in our Advanced Analytics team can expertly apply a range of advanced techniques to develop deep business insights and solve problems that go beyond the traditional Business Intelligence domain. These techniques include:


  • Exploratory data-analysis to discover hidden trends and patterns

  • Machine Learning to predict ‘what will happen’

  • Optimisation techniques to support or automate business decision making

How can we help?

We have extensive experience building roadmaps for success for some of reputed organisations, working across a wide range of industries including financial services, automotive, retail, energy, government, manufacturing and many more.

Business Optimization

Increase business efficiency by better understanding the relationships between supply and demand, inventory and employee requirements

Customer Analytics

Acquire new customers, grow the value of existing customers and  retain customers by understanding your customers’ needs and  treating them as an individual

Forensic Analytics

Identify the proverbial ‘needle in a haystack’ via methodologies such as Anomaly Detection, Fraud Detection  and Root-Cause Analysis.

Our team has experience in solving challenges in many different areas including retail analytics, supply chain, workforce planning, , marketing, loyalty, customer personalization  and fraud detection, and are adept at uncovering data-led insights that can take your business performance and customer experience to the next level.

Advanced Analytics continues to evolve.


Today’s combination of Big Data, the Cloud, algorithms and processing power makes Machine Learning  and AI driven processes much more accessible and affordable for all businesses, whatever the size.


With our  Analytics Lab, clients can access the full breadth of our technologies, data and visualisation skills, experience, and facilities to see how Advanced Analytics can add value to their business.

Using a de-identified sample of your data, our Advanced Analytics Lab will quickly demonstrate how advanced analytics can help your business achieve positive business outcomes.

The demonstration requires no investment in hardware, software, or skills in your IT or business departments, and is a low cost, easy way to demonstrate how Advanced Analytics technologies can enhance your business capabilities.

Talk to us

Talk to us about how we can do so much more with your data. 

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