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Retain your competitive edge with Deployment

Enable valuable employees to discover new opportunities within your organisation quickly, allowing you to retain the best and the brightest while creating a flexible and mobile workplace environment


Businesses and their employees may divide for very different reasons: downsizing, restructuring, differences in employee and company ideas regarding personal career advancement or employee-related causes.

If the employee is offered an outplacement consultation during the separation process, this is a voluntary personnel service, which shows the appreciation to the departing employee as well as the socially responsible behavior of the company.

Neugene's contemporary career transition solutions fit the unique needs of both employers and employees. Whether you are transitioning employees to roles outside your organisation, redeploying them to other areas of your business or maybe a combination of both – Neugene has the flexible, scalable, and customisable career transition solution for you.

Transition Planning

The stark reality is that organizations today need to plan for ways to help current employees exit the organization as gracefully and positively as possible.

Failure to have an adequate plan can mean increased risk and liability. These risks can include:

  • Damage to an organization’s image and brand

  • Threatened lawsuits, settlements, and penalties

  • Decreased motivation and productivity from the remaining team members

  • Increased turnover of the remaining team


Today’s most valuable workers (the ones you want to keep) are constantly being bombarded by competitors and recruiters to jump ship. How you take care of your transitioning employees can become a prime factor in these employees’ decision to stay or leave.

In our outplacement and consultation practice we are often asked to help organizations deal with specific reduction in force or site closure events. While we are eager to help at that critical moment of need, we often recommend that organizations be prepared to take a more strategic view.

Without an effective transition plan as part of this overall strategic reshaping effort, organizations can be blindsided by some of the risks mentioned above and be in a reactive rather than a proactive mode.

How will you be benefited?

  • Maintain employee productivity

  • Cultivate employee engagement

  • Preserve employee morale

  • Improve Brand reputation

  • Boost employee retention

  • Increase profitability

  • Enhance recruiting results

  • Ensure minimal litigation

  • Positive media coverage

  • Positive social media posts

  • High participant satisfaction

Our Services include:

You will have the certainty that workforce transitions are managed so everyone (transitioning employees, current employees and your organisation) can move forward minimising risk for your business. We ensure that during this challenging period we provide everyone involved the highest levels of support and care, dignity and respect, recognising the contributions of impacted employees, maintaining a professional company image and reputation.

  • A professional career assessment to identify the careers and industries that best suit them

  • Career counselling and advice on their course and employment options

  • A professional resume tailored for their preferred industry

  • A customised cover letter that highlights their transferrable skills

  • Interview skills training and coaching

  • Salary advice and negotiation tips

  • Job search assistance and networking skills

  • Advice on selecting and approaching recruitment agencies

  • Review and feedback on their LinkedIn Profile and job applications

  • An action plan to help them on their path to their next job.


Systemic thinking and work have accompanied us for more than two decades in various career stages

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