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Are you a Quality Manager?


The Academy caters for all the new users, executives, regardless of experience; and is recommended for

all employees, be they beginners or

more advanced users.

More proficient users, or those who have previously attended any training courses, will find our Academy a great tool for refresher training.

More than 120 courses are currently available with our academic regular course and training and development course while new courses are added every quarterly keeping pace with new developments and orientations. All of this makes the Academy a dynamic and ever-growing learning resource and the perfect complement to your career.

Experience Academy

Through experience and research we know that everyone learns at different speeds through a variety of different learning methods. Therefore, to deal with this and increase your QMS adoption, we have created a range of training materials to fit with all your learners' requirements.

Training Notes

Some learners prefer to walk through a process step-by-step using our training notes. This is why Neugene has created training notes to accompany each course.

Training Modules​

Over 120 courses and quizzes cover various topics and other compliance including industry-related topics. New courses are introduced every quarter, so there are always new techniques to learn.

Academy Sessions​

Experience one of our Academy sessions and find out how it can add value to your organisation. These regular training sessions are hosted by our specialist and all the sessions are recorded and available for members from our Library.

Continuing Professional Development​

Earn as you Learn

Many organisations and professional bodies encourage their members to take part in a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme.

At Neugene, we are committed to helping our users achieve their CPD goals through the Academy learning activities.

Taking an Academy course can contribute towards a number of professional bodies' CPD schemes

Are you a Quality Manager?

How does the Academy support and benefit you?

  • Cater for different learning styles, ensuring a structured QMS training to all users.

  • Provide a method of tracking employee competency and improved visibility of quality processes, while ensuring employees have understood processes and procedures.

  • Develop with your organisation. With new Academy courses introduced every quarter, there are always new processes and techniques to learn.

  • Provide access to Academy Live training - where employees can learn best practice and develop their QMS understanding.

Are you a Fresher or New User?

How does the Academy support and benefit you?

​This 24/7 ready solutions give you expert training whenever you need it.

  • Whether you're a fresher or new user or you just need some refresher training, you can watch the training videos as many times as you like.

  • Academy will assist you with your personal development

  • It's the fastest way to learn common tasks - helping you perform your job quicker and better.

  • Provides you with the latest Quality training.

  • Provides unlimited access to training material viz. videos, training notes and Academy Live recordings.

  • It's informal learning, so you can learn at your own pace using the most appropriate method to you

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Are you a Training Manager?

How does the Academy support and benefit you?

  • Assist with smooth and effective implementation of quality system into your organisation, while building the credibility of your team.

  • Gather training requirements effectively.

  • Help employees perform their jobs effectively by monitoring skill gaps and managing training programs.

  • Deal with time constraints including managing records, course content and structuring Quality Management System training.

  • Supply a flexible training resource for new and existing staff, resulting in minimal disruption to their day-to-day tasks.

  • Provide access to training material videos, training notes and Academy recordings.

  • Provide informal learning that will ensure optimum attention as topics set are relevant to the individual's job role.

  • Reduce the expense of in-house training.​

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Are you a member of The Management Team?

How does the Academy support and benefit you?

  • Improve your quality by encouraging company-wide use of your Quality Management System.

  • Help you deal with time constraints and multiple time zones with ease.

  • Reduce the costs of training by providing a self-sufficient e-learning tool to train new employees or provide refresher training to existing staff.

  • Help your employees learn best practice by attending regular Academy training sessions.

  • Increase staff proficiency through best working practice to help you develop your organisation and increase productivity.

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