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Neugene has a profound expertise in embedded software development for wide range of target platforms and operating systems, including real-time OS


Embedded Software Development is a technology field that requires specialized skills, focus, and domain knowledge. Hardware today is becoming smaller and faster due to rapid technological advancements and hence, there is always a need for innovative, robust, secure, and reliable software solutions to comply with the same.

Embedded domain faces various challenges such as limited skilled resources, time and cost constraints, and new Hardware etc. We at Neugene, a leading embedded software development company very well understand these challenges, and are capable to address the same with our excellence in every phase and function of Embedded Software Development. Embedded Experts at Neugene have years of successful experience in Developing, Testing, and Migration of high quality embedded solutions using legacy as well as an advanced software technology and hardware platforms.


We focus on delivering the following services:

  • Embedded software development;

  • Software integration with a new platform;

  • Migration of legacy applications;

  • Testing and QA for embedded systems;


Embedded software solutions, implemented by Neugene, are widely used in measuring equipment, industrial automation, telecommunication and mobile electronics.

Neugene’s software engineering team possesses considerable experience in solution development for all modern operation systems, both Windows and Unix-like, as well as real-time OS. The core specialization of our company is embedded software development for Linux platform. We offer implementation of highly efficient multi-platform solutions and software migration from various software and hardware platforms.



Check out for the following type of solutions in our portfolio:

  • Embedded systems

  • Portable measurement equipment

  • Home multimedia platform

  • Industrial automation

  • Medical equipment

  • Security systems

  • Terminal and mobile devices/equipment


Some of our recognitions in embedded services:


  • Real Time Operating System (RTOS), BSPs, and Device Driver Development

  • Firmware Development

  • Embedded Application Development

  • Migration and Porting (legacy to advanced platforms or vice versa)

  • Protocol Stacks, Algorithms

  • SCADA, Telemetry, HMI Consulting

  • Testing & QA

  • Support and Maintenance


Some of the domains and projects that we have successfully served are:

  • SoC (System on Chip)

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Automotive

  • Video Communication, IPTV, Set Top Boxes, Digital Surveillance

  • Digital Signage and Multimedia Applications

  • Point of Sale Systems (PoS)

  • Industrial Automation

  • Wireless Communication

  • Networking

  • Biometrics, Smart Cards, RFID, HID (Human Input Devices)

  • Device Drivers


Please contact us now to know more about our areas of expertise, industries and technologies.


Why our bespoke embedded systems software developers are the right choice for you?

Bespoke Solutions


We provide a tailored solution to your business needs, providing a clear path from your initial requirements, through development to the tested end product to meet your exact needs.

Technical Excellence


Our team consists of developers highly skilled in multiple disciplines. This means we are best placed to advise you of the best solution for your operational requirements and your budget.

Software Integration


We develop firmware, OS and driver code and application code under one roof

Software & Hardware Integration​


Our software developers work alongside hardware innovators who excel in embedded design. Neugene is your one-stop solution for your development requirements.




Firmware Design
for Sensor Systems


Neugene's unmatched embedded software design expertise complements advanced hardware engineering skill to secure exceptional sensor development capabilities in house. Creating sensor-enabled solutions from the ground up, we provide firmware for sensor systems as well as sensor data acquisition apps to empower high-precision real-time data logging.

Motor Control


Aiming to boost efficiency, security and mobility, Neugene helps develop motor control applications for any type of equipment, machinery, smart home systems, multicopters and UAVs. Our firmware engineers are experienced in working with battery-powered apps, induction and servo motors, permanent magnet synchronous motor, switched reluctance motors, and others.

DSC and DSP Software Development

Drawing on its remarkable hardware and embedded software expertise, Neugene implements novel product ideas powered by efficient DSPs and DSCs. Neugene ’s clients can up the ante on their operational processes, business efficiency and industry standards by building with us advanced industrial control and automation systems, complex surveillance and healthcare apps, entertainment, sports and leisure solutions, and more.

Team - Years of Experience

Firmware and embedded development is a challenging task requiring mature and competent specialists. We have a solid team of skied embedded software engineers with years of experience and a strong foothold in Assembler, C, C++ and Python. 


Neugene provides full cycle development — from initial analysis, requirements management, hardware and PCB design, enclosure design, rapid prototyping, to implementation, ongoing support, and continuous improvements.


We are committed to a long-term strategic partnership and provide professional and cost-effective services at any stage of a project, system or device lifecycle.



Neugene’s Embedded Systems Department is a strong team of seasoned professionals with years of hands-on experience in firmware and embedded application development, as well as profound practical knowledge of a wide range of domains. We guarantee that only highly skilled engineers will work on your projects.


To be able to deliver a high-performance and reliable product, we pay close attention to each and every detail of the solution, making sure all the system components are seamlessly interconnected and the system architecture is coherently optimized

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