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What Sets Us Apart

Neugene specializes in blending people, processes and capabilities to achieve critical business objectives and help clients succeed. 


Since we have walked in our clients’ shoes and know the challenges they face, we are able to ingrain ourselves in their businesses to become trusted advisors who work to deliver strategic expertise, present proven project delivery models and design custom solutions to solve their business problems and help them flourish in the evolving marketplace.

Our success is viewed through the client’s eyes, not ours. The true measure of our success is when our established clients return for their next project or recommend Neugene to others for their project.

It’s about developing long-term relationships – with our clients, our employees, our candidates, our students and the communities within which we work.



We are global yet nimble. We help clients navigate the unique requirements of each project, work with local resources, and partner with world class regional organizations to ensure total customer satisfaction and project timely completion.



We demand excellence and integrity while rewarding positive results.



Built on success, we deliver project on time and with quality.



Built on trust, leading to collaborative strategic alliances and improving the results for our clients and shareholders.



To be known as a client-focused, best in class contractor and turn-key power services provider that private clients and public entities turn to with some of their most challenging assignments.

Every client is Unique.

Every situation is different

These qualities distinguish Neugene and position us as the ideal partner for both private and public projects. We assist our clients with every phase of development, from budgeting and pre-construction to project financing and facilities management.

Our unique expertise and commitment to

total client satisfaction has made us a

Preferred Partner.

Customer Oriented Company

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We always understand your needs fully and fulfill them in the best way possible.

Stable, reliable and qualified team

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Our team consists of 2600+ people majorly with 5-20 years of experience in real projects.

Reasonable Cost

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Neugene offers services for very competitive pricing, several times lower than that of the US and other European companies.​

Technically Advanced

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We have a lot of skilled human resources, scientific and engineering labs and institutions’ arrangements. We know the technology and will make it work for you.

No hampered communications

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Easy communication - which is what our customers and partners appreciate. Reaction time is at a minimum. You will like the speed and quality of our work. In addition, we try to "predict" your desires and satisfy them.



We know the technology and we use the best practices of worldwide technology for all our services. Our quality is predictable and extremely reliable.

Convenient location


With our world-wide presence, we are very easily reachable from any part of the globe.

A to Z solution


If you approach our company, you will not need any other provider of business solutions. We offer full-cycle software development solutions, complete HR solutions, academic solutions and career building solutions


value addes whie.png

Each of our clients has his own unique benefits from working with Neugene. Our continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience everyday. Choose us and gain more advantages over your competitor.

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