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Neugene International Academy

Innovative Methods

Neugene International Academy is highly advanced and most successful educational and language academies, for people belonging to internationally minded families.

The Academy is operating a wide range of courses tailored to meet the specific needs of different people including professionals, school & college students, corporates, and other individuals.

With an established reputation for our exceptional level of services and fast one-stop center, Neugene International Academy provides you with the most competitive rates. 


The atmosphere at our Academy is professional, but still warm and friendly. Instructors and students work together in a setting similar to real workplaces. Teamwork and human relations skills are developed and students learn the professional and ethical standards required for employment in the field. Instructors and advisors are available to assist students with educational and personal problems as strives to have every student meet his or her career and life goals.

The administration of Academy are committed to ensure:

  • Meeting standards of excellence as determined by its accrediting and licensing agencies.
  • Delivering programs that meet the needs of the community.
  • Providing the support services needed to allow all students to achieve their goals.
  • The resources needed to realize its educational objectives.

​​Our aim is to make your life easier - our experienced and friendly staff will ensure that we meet your needs and expectations at all times, offering you complete peace of mind.​


Neugene is what its people are

                      And not just what its products are

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