Philosophy and Mission

Neugene International Academy is a center of specialized learning that leads to fulfilling high skilled jobs. As a direct result of the education and training at our academy, you can expect to enter a new career that provides a better salary and greater benefits!

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Our mission for the Academy is to provide the educational environment that enhances not only the educational aspect but also a personal enrichment of all students via our involvement in community service.

We aim to ignite minds and create in students a passion for learning and continuous development, by making the learning process an enjoyable experience. Our mission is to help each student reach his full potential and develop a higher sense of self-esteem. We endeavour to equip each student with all possible life skills.

Our strong belief is that education need not be a 'grind', focused on rote learning. Rather, it should be oriented towards developing a fuller person - in body, mind and intellect, a person imbued with a sense of independence, commitment and compassion, a person capable of providing the kind of leadership our society needs.

Core Values


We expect the best of ourselves and one another and the outcomes of our efforts.


We work together in voluntary activities using fact-based management that leads to excellence.


We honor individual cultures and beliefs that express the human spirit, cooperating in harmony with nature.


We stand up to challenges and maintain our convictions in the face of adverse condition


We reach out with openness, kindness and concern in our relations with others without politics


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