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Social Responsibility

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The Neugene team is committed to being responsible, conscientious and contributing corporate citizens. Our Social Responsibility policy reflects senior management’s commitment to the vision of embedding a culture that encourages all employees to get involved in our on-going mission to ‘Drive Change’.

Neugene’s whole story is marked by a requirement of outstanding integrity. Our unwavering commitment to responsible business practices is embodied in all our actions, since the transparency of communication to the unmatched advantages that we offer to our employees. Our goal is to provide the best working environment for our staff and to be a model of integrity in the eyes of our customers. Neugene’s social responsibility of business is guided by our values, which define the framework in which we do business. For this reason we made the following commitments: meet people - employees, customers and partners - being aware of the importance of work in their lives, sharing our knowledge and experience to promote sustainable development practices in the professional world whole, strive for excellence through innovation to create work environments conducive to long-term socially, by definition, Neugene activity is socially responsible: our aim is indeed to help people find the employment that will enable them to meet their needs and those of their families.

Our free training programs are a unique opportunity for our employees, permanent or temporary, to develop their skills and grow professionally, thus increasing their potential for long-term career. With our outplacement services, employers have to downsize the assurance that their employees will benefit from the support, training and advice needed to find a job. We have not stopped to show us socially responsible in all aspects of our business. However, we focus our efforts and resources on areas where our impact may be the most important. Our various professional development programs implemented worldwide thus aims to build a bridge to employment for disadvantaged people. Our priority is to provide jobs and training to groups of people, possibly in association with NGOs and NPOs:

  • Unemployed / casual workers long-term

  • Disability

  • Persons deprived of certain rights

  • Victims of natural disasters

  • Victims of labor exploitation

  • Refugees

  • Youth


Neugene fights against Business practices that exploit individuals, especially the most vulnerable. Our priority is to condemn and firmly oppose such practices, with the ultimate goal to provide a bridge to employment for people involved:


  • Human trafficking

  • Child labor

  • Illegal wage exploitation of vulnerable people

  • Exploitation of disadvantaged

More at Socio-Economic Development responsibilities: The support of youth focused charities, organisations and community initiatives that are important and relevant to our employees; our customers and our stakeholders.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Projects should be serving disadvantaged communities   

  • A clear sustainability plan must be in place

  • Organisations must be registered as NGOs/NPOs

  • Feedback reports on use of donation or project feedback must be submitted for reporting purposes

Employee Involvement:

We recognise the importance of involving all employees in our Social Responsibility initiatives - therefore all investments made are done so with considerable input from our employees.

Employees are encouraged to:


  • Participate in the implementation of CSR programmes/initiatives    

  • Participate in volunteer work

  • Participate in the nomination and selection process for charity and community initiatives

  • Participate in match-funding initiatives


We invite and welcome you to give your inputs and suggestions to further enhance our Social Responsibility initiatives.

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