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Diversity and Inclusion


Diversity’ is about all those things that make us who we are: the rich mix of visible and non-visible differences that exists within our workforce. This encompasses age, caring responsibilities, disability, education, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, religion or belief, sexual orientation, social status, working style and many other personal characteristics.


‘Inclusion’ means creating a collaborative environment that is open to different ideas, perspectives and styles of thinking where all our people feel they can be completely themselves. We can only harness the benefits of diversity – what we call ‘Empowering Human Difference’ – in an inclusive culture where everyone can contribute fully to the Company’s success.

we believe that a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to a productive, innovative, high performing and happy workforce.


Our vision is for a workforce where diversity is embraced at all levels, through a welcoming, supportive and inclusive culture, where all employees are empowered to reach their full potential and feel valued for who they are no matter their differences.

We believe in the power of human difference to create a better future in a digital and diverse world.


We are committed to developing a diverse and enabled workforce from the widest talent pools. We promote respect for people and equal opportunities for all.


In a globalized, hyper-connected and multi-cultural society, diversity and inclusion are key drivers of employee engagement and productivity, talent acquisition, innovation and growth. We want to create an environment where diversity and inclusion becomes self-evident in all levels across the organization, in all business activity, and in the way, we collaborate with each other, customers and partners.


At Neugene we openly respect the differences among our colleagues to create an inclusive environment where the best people can bring their full selves to work. We leverage the unique ideas and contributions of our employees to offer business solutions that attract clients and grow our bottom line.


We know that to compete in today’s global economy, we must attract, develop, engage, and retain the best people from diverse talent pools. A strong diversity and inclusion strategy, and thought leadership in this important area, allows us to serve our clients and lead our business toward a more cohesive and high-performing culture. Our diversity & inclusion initiatives also directly support Neugene’s mission, operating imperatives, and PRIDE values.

Every day, thousands of people come to work for us. And each time they walk through the doors, we want them to know how valued they are.

That's why we're committed to continue building a workplace that's as diverse as it's dynamic. The qualities that make each of our people unique aren't just embraced - they're valued. Because we know that when you feel completely comfortable in your own skin, you can fully realise your potential.

This spirit of diversity and inclusion is more than just an idea or a goal. It's a huge part of who we are. You'll see it in the executive teams, right through to the local branches and the relationships our staff are building with our equally diverse customers.

Regardless of age, gender and background, there's room

for you to realize your potential here;

And importantly, to be yourself.

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