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With the Baby Boomer generation entering retirement, the manufacturing industry is facing a looming labor shortage. According to Deloitte there will be somewhere between 2 million and 3.5 million unfilled manufacturing jobs by 2025.


The need for a largely unskilled, trainable workforce that once made up much of manufacturing is shrinking as technology becomes more prevalent.

Fortunately, advances in augmented reality technology and virtual reality are making it easier for manufacturers to train on the job while cutting costs.

Neugene delivers a comprehensive range of recruitment solutions for organisations working in manufacturing sector. Whether we’re sourcing for assembly and production line workers or factory managers, production planners and other leadership and technical roles, you can expect experienced, pre-inducted candidates who are ready to slot into your business.

At Neugene, we understand the specific needs of the manufacturing sector, from its required skill sets to its seasonality, peaks, troughs and current and projected challenges.

When demand for your product outstrips your supply, our trained and highly experienced temporary workforce could make the difference in meeting a deadline, fulfilling an order or exceeding a customer’s expectations.

We pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness, able to pivot quickly to meet surging, falling or changing demands that ensures you’re always delivering what your customers need in the most efficient way possible. Allow us to focus on scaling your workforce while you focus on developing and growing your business.

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