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Achieve better business outcomes by combining the latest BI technologies with industry-leading expertise.

Discovery and analysis

Just about anyone can follow instructions and build a dashboard. But it takes an experienced specialist – and a deep understanding of an organisation’s unique environment – to develop BI solutions that solve key business challenges.

That’s why Neugene dedicates significant time to analysing your organisation and desired business outcomes before recommending a solution. This way, we avoid replicating your existing spreadsheets using BI tools, and help you see what’s really possible with reporting and analytics. We also eliminate as many unknowns as we can so your investment is more predictable.

Project delivery

When it comes to project delivery, we work in an agile and iterative way. This helps us to consistently meet your expectations, adapt our approach as required, and support users to gain an understanding of the solution from Day One.

During this phase, we’ll also work to identify and resolve issues around data quality to ensure the solution delivers real value.

Post go-live support

We’ve all worked with providers who deploy a solution and then disappear. That’s not the case with Neugene.


In addition to providing extensive post go-live support, we work with you throughout the project to facilitate knowledge transfer and skills development.

Reach a new level of data literacy

We all know that business intelligence is vital for making fast, data-driven decisions. But with hundreds of BI tools on the market, and technology evolving at a rapid pace, how can you be sure you’re headed in the right direction?

Whether you’re new to business intelligence, want to bridge a gap in an existing BI solution or aren’t getting the expected returns from your data, Neugene helps you make sense of the changing BI landscape.

Our experienced team will take time to understand you and your responsibilities. The processes you have in place, the technologies that are available to you, and how you like to work. We will then work with you to achieve your goals. As necessary we can redesign processes, re-define responsibilities, and help you select the most suitable technologies that drive user adoption and let you capitalise on your technology investments.

Our BI solutions enable digital business, champion data literacy, and deliver tangible results.

Overcome your biggest BI challenges

No matter where you are in your business intelligence journey, we make it easy to uncover valuable data insights and transform your business. Our team can work closely with you to understand your goals, and then leverage the right data and technology to help you realise them.

Enterprise BI

For large organisations, there’s no escaping the need for enterprise BI. From end-to-end reporting solutions using highly structured data sources to complex data analysis, we support businesses like yours to:

  • Realise maximum returns on BI investments.

  • Streamline day-to-day reporting and analysis activities.

  • Make the most of the data within the organisation.

Modern BI

Unlike enterprise BI, which supports ‘business as usual’ operations, modern BI is experimental and creative. It gives organisations of all sizes the opportunity to uncover hidden insights. Neugene’s BI specialists design and implement modern BI solutions that:


  • Merge datasets and examine data in different ways.

  • Support advanced visualisations and data storytelling.

  • Provide easy-to-interpret insights that help employees speak data as a second language.

  • Don’t require a computer science degree to use effectively.

Optimise your Business Intelligence

When it comes to designing and implementing BI solutions, quality matters. That’s why we only hire experienced business intelligence specialists with a strong record of success.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that go above and beyond what our clients expect. And we support our team with established processes and methodologies that ensure working with us is easy, stress-free and outcome-oriented.

How we help

Our high performing team provides business intelligence services including:

  • Establishing BI competency centres so employees can better use data and business intelligence.

  • Mapping out journeys to blend people, processes and technology in support of your business goals.

  • Delivering dashboards, applications and reports for a range of audiences.

  • Enhancing self-service capabilities so people can access meaningful, relevant data.

  • Training and support to improve BI solution adoption and utilisation.

  • Technical installation, upgrades, configuration, and security design and implementation.

Start your Business Intelligence with us

We’ve been fine-tuning our delivery model since decade. In that time, we’ve adopted a highly collaborative, three-phase approach that maximises outcomes for our clients.

Let’s talk.

Are you ready to become more self-sufficient in your use of business intelligence? Curious to discover how Neugene can help you gain confidence in your BI activities?


Talk to one of our consultants today, drop your details here

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