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Our faculty are hand-picked leaders who have highly-regarded international research reputations and portfolios. They are involved in ground-breaking research, which has global implications and is keenly sought after by media and world-class academic journals for its relevance and insightful impact on today’s business environment.

Our academy thrives on the intellectual contribution of our faculty, and our culture encourages collaboration and strong networks - across disciplines, institutions and countries.

Our faculty employees are among the best and brightest teachers in their respective fields. Beyond their skills as gifted teachers, our faculty is entirely made up of expert practitioners. Each teacher has had hands-on, real world experience in the technical courses they teach. Additionally, they know all the ins and outs and even trade secrets of their particular profession.

All our faculty members possess higher degrees and are committed to the academic progress and pastoral care of each student. They use innovative teaching techniques, supported by modern technology to arouse the intellectual curiosity of the student. 

Providing instructors who care, hands-on training and a career oriented educational environment is our philosophy at Neugene International Academy.

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